Statements for Impartiality and confidentiality


To ensure impartiality, independence and integrity of our testing work, Eurofins E&E Taiwan Co., Ltd., accepts the guidance and supervision of Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF), and IECEE, and hence makes the statements:

  1. Eurofins E&E Taiwan Co., Ltd., regard national laws and regulations as the criterion, perform all tests according to technical standards and conduct independent business activities. We determine test results according to test data, but not subject to intervention and interference from all sides, whether administrative, or economic interests of outside factors, or changes in company policy.
  2. Eurofins E&E Taiwan Co., Ltd., promise that our testing services offer to all customers with the same level of service and quality. We shall be responsible for the management of all information obtained or created during the performance of laboratory activities, not spread, nor disclose client’s technical data, patent requirements and test data, and keep the test results strictly confidential, and shall protect all confidential information, technical properties and ownership of the client.
    北美國家安規認證有限公司承諾對所有客戶均提供同等服務和工作品質的檢測服務, 對實驗室活動中獲得或產生的資訊承擔管理責任。不傳播、不洩露委託方所提供的技術資料、專利要求和檢測資料,並對檢測結果嚴格保密,保護委託方的機密資訊,技術財產和所有權。
  3. Eurofins E&E Taiwan Co., Ltd., requests all our staff to exercise high level of integrity and impartiality, and not to engage in any activities regarding technology transfer or activities detrimental to the fair interests of customers and business partners.
  4. Those who shall not be involved in testing or do not belong to Eurofins E&E Taiwan Co., Ltd., no matter what their positions are and duties they have, cannot intervene or interfere testing work in any way and for any reason. They shall not have any access to product information, test samples and test data. They shall not try to obtain any of the technical information and status of the test data, by influencing to our staff in any way.

Your supervision, guidance and support for above statements are welcome.

Eurofins E&E Taiwan Co., Ltd.

General Manager: Robert Lin